The sum of the 3 digits of a 3-digit game ranges from 0 to 27. Sums between 10 and 17 are exprcted to be drawn more than 50% of the time.
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Sum of Digits of 3-Digit US Lottery Games

The sum of the 3 digits of the Cash 3, Play 3, Daily 3, Pick 3, The Numbers, Daily Numbers, Numbers, The Daily Game, Lucky Numbers lottery games ranges from 0 to 27; a total of 28 possible sums. The digits of the number 000 sum up to 0, and those of 999 sum up to 27, the rest lie in between. Well over 50% of 3-digit numbers have a sum between 10 and 17; it is therefore not surprising to see winning numbers with sums 10-17 drawn every other day.

You might be tempted to play all the numbers with sums that range from 10 to 17 everyday in order to win every other day. This is quite naive since you are covering about 50% of the numbers and since the house edge of a state lottery game is 50%, you will only be breaking even every other day and losing in rest. However, it is not a bad idea to analyze the trend of the sums in the past several days and play those that are overdue for a few days.

The following table is a list of all the 28 possible sums and the corresponding distinct 3-digit numbers.

SumHow many have this sumList of distinct boxes having this sumOdds of winning with the sumProbability of the sum to be drawn
1169 029,038,047,056,119,128,137,146,155,227,236,245,335,3441:146.9%

The second column is the total numbers that have this sum while the third column lists only the distinct boxes. For instance, there are 3 numbers that have sum of 1 and they are 001, 010, and 100. Since all three are simply different arrangements of the number 001, we have listed only 001 in the third column.

The last two columns are indicative of how much is paid for a winning sum and what is the likelihood of a sum being drawn, respectively. The column 'Odds of winning with the sum' actually tells you how much is paid if that sum wins. With no commissions involved, you should be paid exactly the same as the odds. That is, a sum of 0 should bring you $1000 for each dollar you spend, $333 for a sum of 1, and so on. However, since states have to make money (mostly exploitation), you will only be paid in the neighborhood of 50% of the odds. In fact, each state sets up its own payment rules, but the amount is not far from 50% of the odds. Therefore, a sum of 0 would most likely bring you $500, similarly, $167 for a sum of 1, $24 for a sum of 22, and so on, for each dollar you play.

The last column, 'Probability of the sum to be drawn', is just that - it allows you to choose which sum to play. Obviously, since a sum of 13 or 14 (most probable sums) will not be drawn everyday, you have to use this data together with the history of sums of your state's 3-digit game to decide which sum(s) to play.

Currently only New York and Texas state lotteries allow you to play a sum game separate from their 3-digit numbers game; it is called Lucky Sum in New York and Sum It Up in Texas. However, whether your state plays sums or not, the analysis, when coupled with other analyses, can be a useful tool to select your 3-digit lottery game numbers.

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